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NBA 2K23 – Pre-Request Rewards for Various Releases

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Assuming you’re keen on purchasing the most recent NBA 2K23 game turning out in September 2022, it very well may be really great for you to think about the various releases that you can choose at the present time.

The most recent NBA 2K23 game is currently near send off, and this is a great time for you to consider pre-requesting the game in the event that you actually haven’t done as such!

With further developed highlights, designs, simulated intelligence, and a lot really coming in September 2022, you should do so presently to stay away from the issue and join the publicity today.

In any case, you can become confounded about which one to purchase as we divulge the various versions that are at present accessible for you to buy, as should be visible here:

NBA 2K23 Releases

Standard Release
5,000 Virtual Cash (VC)
5,000 MT Focuses
10 MT Promotion Packs
Help for each MyCAREER Ability type
Support for each Gatorade Lift type
Devin Booker MyPLAYER Jersey
95-Appraised Devin Booker MT ‘Free Specialist’ Player Card
WNBA Release
Same as Standard Release
Sue Bird Jersey in ‘The W’ and in MyCAREER
Diana Taurasi Jersey in ‘The W’ and in MyCAREER
Michael Jordan Release
Same as Standard Release
100,000 VC
10,000 MT Focuses
10 MT Tokens
23 MT Promotion Packs
‘Sapphire’ Devin Booker and ‘Ruby’ Michael Jordan MT Player Cards
1x Free Specialist Choice Pack
1x ‘Precious stone’ Jordan Shoe
1x ‘Ruby’ Mentor Card Pack


  • 10 Lifts for each MyCAREER Ability Lift type
    10 Lifts for each Gatorade Lift type
    2-hour Twofold XP Coin
    4x Cover Star Shirts
    1x Knapsack and Arm Sleeves
    Cover Star Skateboard
    Computerized Choice Version
    Same as Michael Jordan Version
    Title Version
    Same as Standard Version
    Year NBA Association Pass Subscription*
    100K Virtual Cash
    10% XP for MT Season Movement
    Same as Michael Jordan Release


  • 10% XP Lift on MyCAREER Season Movement
    Michael Jordan-themed Go-Kart
    Same as Michael Jordan Release
    As may be obvious, there are five (5) different NBA 2K23 variants to be delivered around the world (contingent upon district), so you ought to take as much time as is needed to see which one appears to be appealing enough for you to invest a portion of your well deserved cash.

Could it be said that you are hoping to spend your cash on safe NBA MT Coins all things being equal? MTStacks is the best spot for you to find staggering limits and deal offers today!

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